How to Advance Fast in Boom Beach

Hello gamers from all around the world, thanks a lot for visiting my blog and thanks for reading this post. Are you ready to pick up some new gaming skills? Are you tired of struggling to do well in these mobile strategy games? Are you tired of just being middle of the pack and unable to separate yourself from the overall crowd? Well if so, I’m here to help you, I’m great at mobile games and I’m going to tell you exactly how you can be great at these mobile hacks without becoming a zombie that does nothing all day but play the game. The answer is with mobile game cheats. Let’s look at boom beach for example. I love boom beach and I’m rather good at boom beach. But I didn’t become this good so fast on my own. I used boom beach cheats to get here.


I used these cheats as well as a boom beach hack in combination to become great and to influence my boom beach stats before I actually earned it. This lasted for just about the time that it took for me to get good at boom beach and really earn these stats and scores. I’m telling you guys, if you want to be great at these games and have great stats without having to play it all damn day; the answer is boom beach cheats along with a boom beach hack. That’s how I made my bones and that’s exactly the formula I used to get at boom beach. I wouldn’t preach something I don’t practice. Trust me when I tell you, this is a valid strategy and you have nothing to worry about in regards to boom beach banning or resetting you. Go for it! Please leave a comment to let me know how things went for you.

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Benefits of Playing Maze Games

Playing games have become significantly a part of everyone’s life, especially kids as a past time. But did you know that this activity can be beneficial to you? This is especially true when you are playing maze games. It does not simply give you the satisfaction you need but also turn it into a learning experience.

In addition to this, there are also other benefits of maze games. It can help you achieve better eye-hand coordination, enhance you creativity, serves as the stress reliever and achieve problem solving skills.

Eye-Hand Coordination - Playing maze games will help you improve your eye-hand coordination. This means that maze games can be particularly helpful in terms of improving your senses. With this game, you can have a better motion exercise.

Ability to Enhance Creativity - These games can help you enhance your creativity and increase your critical thinking skills. They will also help you overcome obstacles through quick thinking.

Stress Reliever - Aside from helping you with self-improvement techniques, you can also overcome stress through the help of maze games. Playing maze games will make you feel the excitement that you need to get away from the stressful working environment that you are engaged in.

Achieve Problem Solving Skills - After some while, you will be presented with a lot of obstacles and circumstances wherein you are required to have problem solving skills. Problem solving skills are very important not just in finishing the game but also in overcoming your problems in real life.

Playing maze games will help you improve your eye-hand coordination with its unique game design, enhance your creativity in thinking through the level that you are in, serve as a stress reliever, and lastly achieve the problem solving skills needed not just to complete the game but also apply it in real life problems.

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Role of Midgets in Video Games

They’re everywhere in the media — midgets. You can find midgets in movies, commercials, and everywhere on television (hint: Game of Thrones). But where are they in games?

People have an undeniable fascination with midgets, dwarves, and little people in general. Why? Well I’m no psychologist but I figure it’s because they’re cute, cuddly, and for some reason amusing. If you or someone you know is a little person, email me if you are offended by this article in any way. I probably won’t care very much, but I would still like to know.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. I’ve seen dwarves in games. In fact, I’ve seen so many dwarves in games that this next point confuses me: why have I never seen a midget in any video game I have ever played? Now I’ve played a whole hell of a lot of video games, so I should have seen at least one.

You may claim that Halflings, Hobbits, and maybe even Gnomes are Midgets. But guess what: they aren’t. These are all entities derived from some form of fantasy, fiction, legend or lore. In fact, every Dwarf I have seen in games has been the fantasy-style Dwarf rather than one based on reality.

I want to see the ability, in any game with Humans as a race, for people to be a Midget or Dwarf. It could be something we could choose or even be based off randomness so little people are still somewhat unique, but not foreign.

Do game developers have a problem with little people? Do you feel that a hero or villain can’t be a small person? I have news for you…

America loves Midgets!

And since most of us are completely stupid and ignorant, we think that Dwarves are Midgets too. I apologize on the behalf of every big person in the world for this foolish mistake. Which brings me to my next point…

America loves Dwarves!

I bet people from other countries feel the same way. Give us what we want or we may begin a huge rebellion against video games. Then again, it’s probably not that big of a deal and game-addicted fiends like myself will still play if there is a rebellion on any level. Moreover there is about a 99.5% chance that no rebellion will take place at all, but let’s think positive.

Where are the little people? Show me.

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What We can Learn from Portable Gaming


Although the latest portable console brought forth by Nintendo is selling like hot bread, Sonys Play Station Portable still manages to keep that first

spot in the sales charts in Japan. The latest numbers show that the Sony console still manages to chase away the competition from its position on the top, yet despite that the Nintendo 3DS is doing very well for itself in the sales department.

As such some numbers were recently released showing off the sales reached by the PSP, which did manage to stay on the first position with ~58,000 units sold last week compared to the ~42,000 3DS units sold in the same time frame. The previous week was still maintaining this situation, as the PSP reached ~51,000 units sold while the Nintendo 3DS did have better sales figures than last week, reaching ~50,000 units sold within the week. One might argue that Nintendo does have issues when fighting against a console which already does have quite a few years behind it, but the recent drop in PSP pricing as well as the rather high price of the 3DS might be the cause of said sales figures generated.

In any case, ever since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, the company managed to ship over 836,000 units in Japan alone. This should make it a success for the company in and of itself, despite the sales figures maybe not being all that up to the challenge.

For those of you who dont have a Nintendo 3DS console but would like to get into it, you could potentially wait for an update which the manufacturer scheduled for late May. This update would be adding new features and functions to the console like the DSiWare service (existing titles on your DSiWare can be transferred to your new 3DS). You’ll also get the eShop and the browser designed for the portable. Stay tuned for more on the story!

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The 6 Different Game Modes in Smite


There are 6 game modes in Smite that allow you to hone your skills and engage in different levels of competition with players. Smite is one of the most popular multi-player battle games in which you choose from a pantheon of gods and goddesses to control in action. The game modes are relatively easy to understand. They are not progressive game modes, but you will most likely return to each many times during the course of your game play.

The Basic Battle Types

There are three basic battle types – Joust, Arena and Assault. Joust is a multi-player version where it features 3 players “jousting” against 3 other players. Each player is independent, but loosely connected to the team. No jousting actually takes place, it is standard play. Then there is the Arena, which is the main open and scored battle in which any player can enter. Assault allows for one on one combat.


MOBA games are all about conquest so it is fitting this is the main mode of the game. It is a 3 lane combat area with MPC minions generating in the jungles between. That is why the bonus area of the practice mode is so important.


Practice is the mode that you can use to learn the game, and any of the other mode types. It also has a unique level called “Jungle Practice” that just gives you more of a chance at learning to use your skills before you get out where it really counts. In practice you are playing against computer driven characters, but there are also beta versions being tested with other modes to allow for the use of the Practice setting. Practice allows you to do the tutorial, and all the other mode options without it affecting your character or ranking.


Co-op is the term for multi-player team play. This is used primarily in Joust, but can also be used in Conquest and Assault. It can be used in Arena but it is more for advanced players.


Normal mode is normal play. You can access all of the typical game modes without any additional settings changes or rules.


League play features a version of Joust called Combat Joust, which is a player versus player game. Players join a league and play through by a process of elimination according to a preset schedule. It generally costs cold or real money to participate in a league, but you can pick your God for competition and opt to return to bases.


The custom mode is the one that gets most players excited. First of all, it contains the direct challenge modes of all the other levels. If you want to challenge a player to compete in a mode, this is where you do it. It is also where the game maker’s test their new beta versions. Currently, under the custom mode there is a 4 player versus 4 player challenge option that you can try.

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The Borgia Family


After watching The Borgias on Netflix, I became more interested in their history. The Borgias became a powerful family in Italy during the Renaissance. Originally, they were noblemen from Valencia in Spain, where their name was spelled Borja.

Alfonso de Borja (1378-1458) came to Italy in 1443 and became pope as Calixtus III in 1455. He was a good and learned man but showered favors on his nephew Rodrigo Borgia (1431-1503). Rodrigo also entered the church, but nevertheless managed to be the father of at least eight children, although, of course, he never married. He was frivolous, worldly, crafty, and ambitious, and was elected pope in 1492 through the bribes and promises he gave to his rivals. As Alexander VI, he was probably the most unscrupulous pope ever to rule. He, too, did all he could to advance the power and riches of the family, especially those of his son Cesare Borgia and daughter Lucrezia Borgia.

Cesare Borgia (1476-1507) gained an early reputation for cruelty and violence. Many say he sacrificed his own brother to further his ambitions and keep the favor of his father, the pope. If Cesare did not actually plot the murder, he certainly benefited from his brother’s mysterious death. His father, Pope Alexander, turned to Cesar for help in his political plots. In 1498 the French king Louis XII sought an annulment of his marriage to Jeanne of France. The pope granted this for his own purposes and entrusted Cesare with the delivery of the document. As a reward, Louis granted Cesare the duchy of Valentinois and promised military help if he needed it.

At the age of 23, Cesare planned to establish a new kingdom in central Italy and through treachery and scheming almost achieved his aim. As a soldier he was without mercy and could rely on the pope’s support. However with Pope Alexander’s death came Cesare’s day of reckoning. His many enemies seized the opportunity to capture him and put him in prison. After two years he escaped to the court of Navarre. He was killed in battle while besieging the castle of Viana.

Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519) was used as a tool in the political scheming of her father and brother. She was forced into four political marriages, two ended by decrees of the pope and one by murder. Lucrezia has been accused of cruelty and brutal crimes but there is little proof of these charges. Whether of not her early life was blameworthy, after her marriage to the Duke of Ferrara she established a better reputation. She became a patron of the arts and encouraged many of the great names of Italian painting and literature.

Francisco de Borja (1510-1572) was a great-grandson of Alexander. Born and educated in Spain, he held important post there but on his wife’s death entered the Society of Jesus. He was ordained a priest in 1551 and for the rest of his life was engaged in missionary work and in strengthening the Jesuits, whose general, or head, he became in 1565. He was canonized–that is, proclaimed a saint–in 1671, and is usually known as St. Francis Borgia.

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Amazon’s Story has come a long way–from bathroom items to cloud storage, they are one of the most versatile dot com companies in the world, offering a wide range of products and services that redefined the world of e-commerce. But have you wondered why Amazon is an appropriate name?


The Amazon is a river in South America, one of the greatest rivers in the world. It’s about 3,900 miles long. The Nile in Africa, and the Missouri and Mississippi rivers together, in the United States, are slightly longer than the Amazon.

The Amazon, however, has more water in it than any other river in the world. It flows from the Andes Mountains, in Peru, all the way across Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, seven-teen other large rivers empty into the Amazon. At its Atlantic mouth, the Amazon is 150 miles wide. Ocean liners can go 1,000 miles upstream, and for smaller ships the main stream is navigable to the foothills of the Andes. Through most of its length, the Amazon runs through some of the wildest jungles on the face of the earth. In these jungles there are still wild tribes of Indians. The jungles of the Amazon are called rain forests. It is always very damp and hot there. Most of the Indian villages are near the banks of the great river itself.

The Indians who live in the jungle wear very little clothing, and their homes are crude, thatched shelters. They travel mostly by river in dugout canoes. It is almost impossible to travel far in the dense jungle. The Indians use big knives to cut their way through the undergrowth. The Amazon is teeming with life. Big and little fish of all kinds swim in its waters. The jungles are noisy with the cries of animals and birds. The Indians are fishers and hunters. Life is full of danger for them. They must be careful when they go fishing because there are many alligators in the Amazon. There are fierce jaguars and cougars in the jungle.

There is danger from other Indians, too. Some of them used to be cannibals and headhunters. In the headhunting tribes, a warrior was judged by the number of heads he had taken. These Indians shrank the heads and kept them. Many strange animals live in the Amazon jungle. The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. The coati is related to the raccoon, but has a longer nose. The tapir is a hoofed animal about the size of a large dog. The sloth spends its life hanging upside down from a jungle tree. The armadillo has a hard shell and looks like a baby tank. Anteaters use their long, sticky tongues to gather their food. Many kinds of monkeys swing through the jungle trees. Colorful birds fly through the air. There are parrots and macaws and toucans. The Indians use blowguns to catch animals and birds. Some of the darts shot from the blowguns are poison-tipped. The Amazon region produces tapioca from the cassava tree that grows in the jungle, mahogany for furniture, indigo for dyes, sarsaparilla for flavoring, and quinine, a drug used to combat malaria. Much coffee is grown in the Amazon basin. The first person to navigate the full length of the Amazon was the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana, in 1540 and 1541.

The early Greek story-tellers told of a nation of women warriors called Amazons. These legendary women were sup-posed to have lived in a country on the Mediterranean Sea. They did not permit any men in their nation. The Amazons were strong and swift. They fought in battle against the men of other nations. Once each year, the Amazons visited an-other country. The men in this country became the fathers of the Amazon children. The boy children were not kept by the Amazons. Some stories say they were put to death; others, that they were sent back to their fathers. The girl children were brought up and trained to become Amazons themselves.

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More on Minecraft

Minecraft attracts gamers who are enthusiastic to play games online, especially after the rise in popularity of the “Let’s Play” videos. Young gamers who are addicted to multiplayer games are often excited to see what other players are doing and try to copy them or become better. Many like to see what kind of mods, and maps other players use. This game is available free for all operating systems, and you can download this superb action packed game from many reliable sources if you do a quick search.  If you did it right, you won’t have to spend a single dollar to play online.

Learn more!

Another thing that makes the game appealing is its child friendly graphics. Children are overwhelmed to see gigantic monsters in a blocky, digital format. They roam in the world of mysticism, and frankly speaking, children become brave and bold by participating into an adventurous expedition. In this way, novice online multiplayer gamers can watch free online demos of the game before entering into the battlefield. Only then will they understand why people play Minecraft.

Different Modes

Minecraft, the wonderful sandbox online game, has two different modes to enable gamers to face the real challenge. All monsters, zombies, and dangerous skeletons are powerful. Their fiery eye balls burn people who need to find alternative ways to retaliate or escape from the battlefield.  This virtual game gives unlimited charm, adventure, thrill and excitement to turbo charge gamers. They should be cunning, swift, and intelligent in order to terminate evil spirits.

In creative mode, the player has permission to use an infinite amount of blocks. He has no obligation to invite his comrades to plot together against Endermen and other dangerous foes. However, the survival mode is the important phase for you to mine different valuable materials like gold, copper coins, coal and chop down large trees to build up new buildings to defend against monsters. There are many risks for gamers to reach their destinations, including large bodies of water, cliffs, lava, and you name it. They should be able to defend themselves alone with a sword and some armor. One must not backtrack in fear, otherwise no progress will be made. Therefore, they must be equipped with lots of razor sharp weapons (which can be enchanted for more sharpness!) and user-friendly devices to overtake the Catch 22 situation in the long run.

Survival mode is the ideal option for players who like to jump right into the game to see what it has to offer. A fun aspect of the game is to collect resources to craft tools, upgrade items, and build things. For instance, they can easily craft grip-safe shovels, axes, picks and rapiers. Metals, stone slabs and logs are easily made within the crafting table. The crafting system allows you to make all the important tools and weapons to help you survive.

Play Minecraft Free

Minecraft is really free for you, and anyone who has the interest to play this eye-catching multiplayer game should download and play the demo. By visiting the official website for Minecraft, gamers install this game through an easy downloading process. Simple steps to download and run this ultra-modern online game inspire newcomers to visit the dependable site for fulfilling their dream. A gamer is required to do online registration to be able to login and play.

To play the full version without a time restraint, you can find other versions. The game downloading process is very fast, but gamers need to do a little research before downloading this game free. They should not choose any unreliable gaming websites, as online spam and viruses are very dangerous things that can be highly frustrating. Often times it results in financial and personal information loss.

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Explore Your Creative Side in Minecraft

minecraft tree axe

Minecraft is one of the most popular games played throughout the world.  This game can be played as a solo and also can be played in multiplayer mode. The game is all about placing blocks to build structures or things and then proceed on adventure. The game was created by a Swedish programmer named Marcus Persson in the year 2011 and involves collection of resources, mounting, struggling, and fights. This game involves 3D objects like cubes to be arranged in grid.

There are several versions of the game such as Classic, demo, regular, and free. The Classic version is generally played by solo player which is like the beta game while regular version is the most successive and innovative version than class which involves multi-players and more.

Minecraft online has become the most enjoyable game and is applauded by millions of people throughout the world. If you are a newbie to this game then you need to play the game more to understand it better and it’s not that difficult to get started. The new players should have a look on the controls in order to place the blocks and also hold the resources to hide during the nights. Oftentimes you will come across many obstructions such ass hills, oceans, holes, etc. and you will also get tired and require some energy by eating food. For this purpose you can hunt some non-hostile animals like pigs, cows, and chickens.

Once you start the game it starts gaining momentum with more and more of your friends joining the game. In the excitement you won’t notice the time flying by and will have a lot of fun seeing what the game has to offer. At times the game also gets disturbed which makes the player quite annoyed in the middle of the game. This usually happens when you are playing on a free server. However, it is not the case if you have a paid server that offers great stability and improved performance, allowing you to play the game without any disturbances.

The game is rewarding and creative at the same time.  It can be played online on a web browser free of cost.Minecraft is one of those games that changed the world, and any gamer should definitely consider trying out this fantastic game. It doesn’t matter what system you own as its available on PC, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Android, iOS, and soon PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One (and possibly the Wii U)! You can explore your creative side and build your own world no matter where you go with the Pocket Edition.

If you are looking out for an adventurous game then Minecraft would be the right choice. You can craft, create and do virtually anything.

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What Makes Sony’s Playstation 4 Different?

Between Wii U, Xbox One and all the other gaming systems, why is Playstation 4 considered to be so different? There are superficial things you can point to such as the game libraries and the accessories offered, but even some of the games featured on the PS4 are available on other systems, like Watchdog. So why choose a system that doesn’t seem to have all the bells and whistles that the others offer?

It could be because you take your gaming seriously and you want the system with the best track record of delivering a hardware platform with an OS that can handle the kind of power and delivery a serious gamer expects. All of this comes from decisions Sony made when it came time to set up the design structure for the PlayStation series. Gaming is such an established industry now that just saying that a game was created by someone associated with a title hit design is enough to get pre-orders placed. With the gaming systems, all of the companies keep jockeying to find the marketing tagline to prove that how they did the design of the hardware and operating platform will deliver better performance.

Excellent Hardware

playstation 4 hardware parts

The PS4 is the only one that looked backwards to move forwards. While other platforms grabbed gamers to help design their console and power support system, Sony was smart enough to realize it isn’t the gamers and the front end designers that know what makes a gaming system capable of supporting fast play – it’s the engineers who assemble the hardware. This console is the latest generation to come out of the design team at Sony that features software and hardware engineers working side by side with gamers and front end programmers. The result is a streamline, dedicated gaming platform with no time for frills and distractions. Gamers have responded by making the PlayStation series one of the most popular home entertainment gaming systems ever released.

It will most likely go through several years of upgrades before it has maxed out its current technical specifications. The next generation of PlayStation (which is already in development) is looking towards integrating more intuitive control systems. Sony puts a limit onto how much they will patch onto a core system before releasing a newly engineered design. This keeps their machines responsive. There are only so many patches that a game console can process before the upgrades start interfering with the core processing.

Awesome Games

There are over 75 new games and updated versions of known games being designed for the PS 4 that are scheduled for release throughout 2014 and 2015. They have some of the most prominent third party developers working to expand the game option in the PS4 library. You will find all the old standards like Madden, but you will also find Watchdog, Diablo III, Plants vs Zombies and Metro rolling out new versions. There are exciting new games like Infamous and Natural Doctrine coming out too.

You can read a great review for the PS4 at Polygon.

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